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Multi-platinum, Grammy certified record producer, songwriter, keyboardist and engineer Sam “FISH” Fisher has worked with an amazing array of artists like Lady Gaga, Duran Duran, Daddy Yankee, Fey, Vico-C and Celia Cruz among many others.

With a vast experience in production, artist relations and A&R work under some of the most important major labels like BMG, Warner Music, Sony Music, EMI and Interscope/Universal he has been key to the success of some great albums over his thirty year plus career.

He is devoted to the creative development, production and guidance of new artists through his recording studio and his artist consultancy firm together with A&R work and leading the teams behind Bold Boutique Recordings, Bold Boutique Latino, Louder Freakuency, True Classic Recordings, FMGM Filmworks/FMGM Entertainment and its matrix company, The FMGM Group.

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