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The FMGM Group is a conglomerate of companies founded by Sam "FISH" Fisher that encompasses five record labels, a production recording studio, an artist consulting office, branding design marketing agency, a film development & acquisition firm and two music publishing divisions.

We are a One-Stop-Shop for all your music & artist needs using all new technologies focused on developing you successfully and expose you to audiences worldwide. As a music service company we work on providing a personalized  approach guiding artists through every step. We support our artists and clients from the initial stages of brand development, effective focused marketing to global catalogue representation.

As a company we thrive for the best quality and excellent artists in every musical genre. In order for us to serve you best and make our services available to you we suggest to submit your full information as per our Artist Submission Form.


Our criteria, our philosophy, on our recording labels is simple:

          “Great Songs. Great Talent. Great Presence. No matter the genre."

To many in the music industry think the policy of our labels sounds crazy because our artists retain one hundred percent (100%) ownership of their masters. We are not here to own an artist or their work, we are here to develop them and help them grow their talent and career. For us to join, and work, with an artist we have to like what he/she/they do.

We keep everything under quite a low overhead so our artists can have the space and growth they want and truly earn from their art.

What makes our industry peers even more confused is that if one of our artists is offered a deal, that is of benefit to him/her/them, we help them negotiate the deal and assist them in the transition to be part of that deal in order to see them grow, or if the artist wants to become fully independent we help them set themselves up to achieve the independence they are looking forward to have.

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